Xerox Acquires Healthy Communities Institute

May. 15, 2015

Xerox (NYSE: XRX) announced the acquisition of Healthy Communities Institute (HCI), a Berkeley, Calif.-based company with a leading cloud platform that puts socioeconomic and community health information at the fingertips of hospitals, public health agencies and community coalitions.
Midas+ serves over 2,200 healthcare provider facilities and is the market leader in workflow solutions, quality, regulatory management and actionable insights that improve patient care.
HCI’s software-as-a-service platform centralizes proprietary, healthcare and community data to help hospitals and other health organizations manage population health. By tapping data derived from clinical visits, healthcare claims, and community-level assessments, healthcare providers and others can better understand community demographics, risk factors and disease distribution. HCI supports more than 250 hospitals, public health organizations and community health and employer coalitions across 36 states and covers over 100 million lives across the United States.
Match Point Partners acted as HCI’s exclusive financial advisor