Hans Kastensmith

Feb. 16, 2018

Within 27 years of progressive achievements in the healthcare industry Mr. Kastensmith has founded, managed, established financing for and advised a number of healthcare technology, diagnostic and population health management companies. Mr. Kastensmith has significant experience in running both private and public healthcare enterprises and lead three corporate acquisitions for a public company. Over the years he has been directly involved both politically and practically in major healthcare projects in the government and private sectors. In addition, Mr. Kastensmith has successfully lobbied the United States Congress as a subject matter expert representing clients on several critical healthcare issues.

In 1990 as the Founder and President of I-Trax Medical Solutions (Amex: DMX), he conceived one of the industry’s first point of care, mobile medical and population health information management solutions and lead the I-Trax Medical Enterprise Data System from concept to market. I-Trax was acquired by Walgreen in 2008 for $278 million. Among his many achievements at I-Trax, Mr. Kastensmith was an integral part in the development of the BreathMobile® program, the first nationally accredited physician based disease management system of care in the United States with Los Angeles County Department of Health Services. Following a successful exit from 13 years at I-Trax, Mr. Kastensmith as a Principal of Capitol Health Associates, LLC a DC based consulting firm, represented and advised clients such as Accenture, Allscripts, Northrop Grumman, Johns Hopkins Healthcare System and UPMC. At CHA he continued to work on groundbreaking healthcare projects including the State of Vermont’s healthcare reform initiative as a consultant to the Legislature. He worked to pass and implement landmark health reforms being watched and adopted by much of the nation. In his 10 years working with Vermont, he led the legislative effort to make Vermont the nation’s first state to implement a health technology fund providing a number of health information technology projects with critical funding. Mr. Kastensmith assisted in developing and staffing the Vermont Blueprint for Health, an advanced medical home program that utilizes integrated community health teams and primary care providers enabling patients to control chronic disease. In 2015 the Blueprint reduced healthcare costs by $150 million on 300,000 lives. This effort has been recognized as one of the most sophisticated continuity of care regimes in the country and led to a multi-state pilot project for advanced medical homes funded by the US Department of Health and Human Services. Today, Mr. Kastensmith is the CEO of Privis Health, a next generation population health management and IT company. He continues his work with the Vermont Blueprint for Health as an advisor to the Executive Director.

Mr. Kastensmith maintains a global network of high profile contacts in the healthcare and diagnostics industries and currently serves as a Trustee of Medical Missions for Children, a global telemedicine charity helping children receive much needed medical care.