MDdatacor is acquired by Symphony Performance Health

Apr. 16, 2014

Symphony Performance Health acquired MDdatacor from Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota. MDdatacor, based in Alpharetta, GA, is a provider of next-generation healthcare data integration and analytic solutions that enable payers and providers to integrate and act upon integrated patient information. Match Point Partners acted as an advisor to BCBS of ND.

With this acquisition, STG is combining several online casino of its high value analytical software and services capabilities offerings to payers and providers of care, to create a new company called Symphony Performance Health (SPH). MDdatacor’s core data integration and analytics solution MDinsight® adds foundational capabilities to SPH with its ability to extract data from disparate data sources and analyze it against evidence-based guidelines to support the goal of driving performance against government requirements, network management, and population health improvement. The addition will usher in next generation solutions to address the needs of the ever changing healthcare industry.