CareGuide, Inc. completed the sale of certain assets to American Health Holdings, Inc.

Aug. 9, 2012

After going through a restructuring, CareGuide, Inc. successfully completed a sale of certain assets to American Health Holdings, Inc.. This transaction allows CareGuide’s customers to continue to receive superior care management and medical management services.

About CareGuide

CareGuide optimizes population health through proactive assessment, coaching, disease management services, complex care management and utilization review. The company’s customer-centric health solutions achieve success through personalized interventions to shape and improve health and quality of life. CareGuide’s services dramatically improve the lives of employee populations, Medicare / Medicaid recipients and health plan members.

About American Health Holding, Inc.

American Health Holding, Inc. is a national medical management firm covering more than 3 million lives. Founded in 1993, American Health believes that the combination of building partnerships with clients and delivering innovative and cutting-edge methods of containing health care costs are vital to continued growth and development. American Health provides comprehensive services through a professional staff of physicians and registered nurses who are highly qualified in cost management issues including quality assurance standards.