Strategy Solutions Group

The Match Point team has a proven track record of assisting companies in transforming their business models and achieving successful transactions for their stakeholders.  We frequently work with companies long before a transaction is desirable, assisting in establishing the building blocks to create value.  During our relationship, we work with companies to develop their investment thesis, adapt their business plans and position them in the marketplace to achieve optimum growth / value.  Our Strategic Solutions Group has a variety of ways to assist companies in plotting the best path forward.


Strategic Reviews

Valuable companies are those which are built with day to day decisions focused on the long term.  Over time, markets […]


Business Plan Development

A concise, well-organized business plan represents not only a roadmap for a company’s success, but also an important communications tool […]


Market Overview

Frequently, it is beneficial for a company to assess the market prior to introducing a new product or entering a […]


Strategic Partner Identification

For those who want to quickly enter new markets, engaging with a strategic partner is often the most effective approach. […]

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